June 22, 2017

Link to dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l95099g60py7gio/TI%20YING%20LI%20EXP%203.ls7?dl=0

// Moving Elements

June 22, 2017

External elevator taking occupants from the underground level to the ground level of the school.

Moving louvres to block out midday sun, and with it's white surface, reflect light into the underground level which might be otherwise dark.

ARCH 1142

Arch 1142 Final Portfolio

June 12, 2017

// Course Aims

The course aims to support students in developing capability in a range of techniques that support the design process and communicate design outcomes in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. You will be expected to apply and further develop the learning from these courses in design projects throughout the Architecture program.

Architectural Communications aims to:
- Support students’ design capability by providing tools, skills and knowledge to enable recording, communicating and analysing design ideas.
- Develop basic drawing and model making skills required for both Design Studio and the practice of architecture overall.
- Provide students with a range of design skills to communicate design ideas and the ability to think creatively.

Follows is the final portfolio composed of 3 assesments over the course of one semester: